May 11, 2012

Day 970


  1. Another summer filled with adventure and excitement is coming this way; a summer overflowing with weddings, babies, and unexpected trips. I have to admit one of the most tantalizing things about this season is the fact that I will no longer be working on this project. I am sad and happy at the same time. I’ve never felt this way about anything before. I have had moments where I felt both sad and happy, but never before has there been this much time to sit in the space between those feelings and reflect on them.
    Sometimes I feel so sad I could cry. I feel almost lost knowing it’s nearly over. Who am I now? I don’t feel any more defined than I did when I first started this project. I assumed I would feel changed in some way from all of this, but I don’t, not really. Then, there are times when I feel so relieved. In a mere thirty days I will no longer have to think about With Little Sound and it’s progress- it will be done, and I can just sit back and look at what I have accomplished. I have come a long way, that is a fact. All these thoughts, plus hundreds more whiz through my head all day as I draw closer and closer to the one-thousandth day. It’s a bit overwhelming, especially when I have to go about my normal day of matching socks, fixing lunch and answering emails.
    I have been debating on what to do on this final day. Some people suggest a party, some suggest more than one image, some suggest a day just like all the others, but all I can think about is making this day for me, (which is kind of funny considering it’s my little brother’s actual birthday. He’ll be turning sixteen this year!). I want this day to be one of my best days ever. I want to be surrounded by my family at my most favorite place in the whole world. I want Aaron to feel proud of me, and I want the kids to remember this time in our lives. I guess in the end I don’t want anything real special, I just want to be happy and sad and let the sun set on everything I have done. I want to be somewhere where I can feel very small and be reminded again that I am but one girl, out of millions, having a moment in her life and then I want to be thankful for the ability to recognize it
    I want to go to the ocean.


  2. Evan though i started to follow this project very late it still feels very sad that it is almost over. That i won't have the joy to be surpriced every day with a wonderful photo, but every thing comes to an end. I do hope you make a book so i can sit in my livingroom with it in my hands. I wish you the best and what ever you do on the final day will be a memory for you all to remember./Sahra

  3. Great picture. Amazing the ilumination. Your are inspiring. Grettings from Spain. Manuel