April 2, 2012

Day 930


  1. For all my new friends who don't know English, here is a text version of what I wrote above so that you can translate it:

    I was supposed to post this on Day 910. I don’t even have a clue as to what went on that day that prevented me from writing. What else can I say but oh well. My mindset has completely changed since the beginning of this project and now I honestly don’t feel the need to apologize. I know in the past I have asked for forgiveness in my written entries for lack of attention, but now I feel . . . older? Wiser? What am I trying to say here?

    In the end this is all mine and I can do whatever I want with it.

    Things have been intense. I’ve been feeling these fingers of change. People say there are seasons of change, and I always thought it was literally a season, but this “season” of change that we’ve been experiencing started probably in June of last year and is still strong today. There are times when I am anxious for it to end. As Aaron and I caught up the other night I threw up a bunch of word vomit, complaining about how I wanted things to be normal again. I don’t even know what normal life is really. We’ve never had a normal life together. It has always been one thing right after the other, and I guess I wouldn’t want it any other way; I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.

    So for right now I will live our intense life; floating from house to house, eating at a dining room table filled with computers, cameras and US Weeklys, smelling trees bloom, washing our car with old rags, letting the kids run us ragged, acting like I know what we’re doing, until one day I’ll wake up and realize it ended.

    I want to acknowledge all the new visitors to my project. Thank you for taking the time to view my work. The past week has been full of new faces, happy emails, and large numbers. I wish I knew what I was supposed to do next.

    I have gotten a decent amount of inquires wanting to know how I work. I hadn’t really thought about teaching/talking about my work process, but what does my audience think? Is this something that would interest you? Would you pay something to hear me speak?

    I’ve dreamt of visiting places like Brazil, Hungary, Finland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Argentina, Sweden, and France, and now I have friends from all those countries! Now, instead of dreaming about those places, I’ll dream of meeting you!


  2. Your pictures are amazing! Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to shine....And you got it! Congrats!
    Best regards from Brazil!

  3. I thank you to expose your heart on that informal but brilliant art, and hope you can be always able to express your world's vision.

    Really good work. Keep believing in yourself and for sure, soon you'll be taking your dreams back but in a material way.



  4. Hopefully, you'll soon be able to visit all these places, check out the seasons around here and shot some nice pics for your project ;)

    Hugs from Brazil!

  5. Your photos are beautiful and amazing. Continue your work, it inspires many people. Congratulations.

    Hugs from Brazil for you and your family.

  6. It took a little while to look at all your photos but they are amazing. I got so inspired that my own project of 366 days shoulnd't be so hard after all.

    70 more days to go, i will keep on following your days.

    Best regards

    Sahra :) from Sweden

  7. Hi,

    My name Claudio and i'm from Brazil.

    It's amazing all your photos!

    I spend all my morning in your blog and i can't wait to see the next photo.

    Best regards

    Ps: One of the biggests websites in Brazil published your work "http://g1.globo.com/mundo/noticia/2012/04/fotografa-que-nasceu-cega-registra-uma-imagem-por-dia.html"


  8. Hiii :)

    You're amazing, girl!!!
    Parabéns pelo trabalho!!!
    Está nos meus favoritos!!!!!

    I'm from Brazil ;)

  9. very nice job.
    I will keep following you in these final days.
    You inspired me a lot with several pictures.
    Big hug from Brazil.

    Fabio Soares

  10. Amazing eyes... God Bless you!
    Fine images.

  11. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. And today? Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present. That work is really going to bring you a lot of happiness.

    From Brazil

  12. Did i read Brazil???
    That sounds lovely!
    Your work is beautiful. Keep going.


  13. See, you definitely are very special woman!!
    Kisses and bye
    From Jack Motta Brasil

  14. Hello, How are you?

    I found your incredible work.
    I'm shooting my name luna of Brazil. They did a story on his blog and leave a site in the world media of communication here in Brazil.
    You are of congratulations by the determination to show the world that photography has no limits.
    I wonder if you can email to answer some questions, since I graduated from college have a project to teach photography to people with visual impairment.
    I wanted to share her story with people. in fact the questions as you could sum utliza photography to express themselves and some of its life history.
    Thank you in advance

  15. it's hard to comment just in one picture. all of this is so emotional and look all is like to be in a dream. I'm feeling visiting another world!

    Congrats! you pretty good!

  16. If you held a speaking engagement in the area, I'd definitely attend.

    Your photos are inspiring. You really tell a story with each one. Thank you for sharing a bit of your life with the world.

  17. It`s amazing! Congratulations for your beautiful job! And now, you have a brazilian fan! :)

  18. Loved your Blog. Dont worry about what is coming next, just follow your intuition and God will take care of everything else. Sometimes life gets so hard that you think you have to give up everything.

    But at this point remember this proverb: "It is always darkest before the dawn".

    You're doing great....can you imagine that your work is being seen by people from all over the world? Most of the artists - including those more famous - dont have this opportunity. You and your job are great! People like you, and works like yours give me more strenght and motivation to keep on going.

    Congratulations for exploring this amazing gift you have. I'm sure you're on the right path: bringing joy and happiness to everyone.

    Hope you can come to Brazil soon to capture more great pictures.


  19. Hi!
    I'm also from Brazil.
    Your work is amazing, I can't stop looking at those pictures...congratulations!

  20. Congrats!

    You and your photos are so inspiring!!! All that light and colors make me feel much happier!

    Really love the colors of this one! :)
    Looking forward to seeing what's coming next!

    Kisses from Brazil!

  21. Hello,

    I've just read about you and your blog in a Brazilian site: http://www.estadao.com.br/noticias/internacional,fotografa-que-nasceu-cega-registra-uma-imagem-por-dia,856915,0.htm

    Congratulations! Your work is amazing, and I hope you'll keep it after 1000 days :).


  22. Owww!!! It's amazing your blog! And when I read Brazil I thought: "I'll go back to this site!" Congratulations for your gift!


    Magdiel P S, from Maranhão, Brazil.

  23. Awesome! Yours pics are fantastic, congratulations!!!

  24. Hi
    I read about your job in a Brazilian site,it's amazing,I want that you know that is brilliant and admirable,continue with this wonderful work,and come to Brazil to take more photos of beautiful landscapes here.

  25. Amei conhecer seu blog, vi no jornal aqui no Brasil, e como você tem uma grande sensibilidade, sou surda, e gostei demais em conhecer as suas fotografias que por sinal são lindíssimas.
    Parabéns, continue assim capturando fortes emoções. Voltarei sempre para ver as suas novidades, grande beijos do nosso Brasil caloroso.

  26. Ana Paula - Rio de Janeiro - BrasilApril 3, 2012 at 10:08 AM

    Hi Amy!!

    I read about your work here "http://br.noticias.yahoo.com/fotos/fot%C3%B3grafa-cega-faz-belas-imagens-1333464902-slideshow/" (it's brazilian's yahoo) and I just think your pictures are amazing!!! That's so emotional, sweet, lovely and have movements, the photo speaks with us!!! I had to come here and say that you are an incredible and amazing photographer!! Please, never give up your dreams, never let it go away, you know inside your heart what is really important, and it is for what all we have to fight!!! Thank you for the insights/reflections in your work, and I wish God bless and stay always with you.

    Hugs, love from Brasil, come when you can, you will be welcome!!!

    * Hope you understand my english, I had classes but google translator helps me a little =D

  27. Wonderful! I am a brazilian guy, and I tell you,
    I never had seen something like this! It's amazing!

  28. Really nice pictures! I belive that if you take a look on all the pictures that you took during all thi 90 days you can really see what your life is about....you take increable moments and take them to the eternity..making a person who once is sad about something being able trough the pictures to remember that bad moments can happen but they really exists to prepare as to the best moments of our lives ....Love you work hugs and kisses from Brazil

  29. Beutiful letters....I loved your blog and your pictures...so much *__*


  30. Your pictures are amazing!!! Never give up!! kisses from Brazil

  31. Hello May!
    Today I´ve heard for the first time about your project through as important website here in Brazil and it really inspired me. About one year ago I´ve started to photograph professionaly and each day I feel more happy to have found something that really makes me happy.
    I found your photos sensitive, fun and with lots os love. Congratulations for inspiring us!

    Love, Bruna
    PS: Here is the link for the piece of news about you: (http://www.estadao.com.br/noticias/internacional,fotografa-que-nasceu-cega-registra-uma-imagem-por-dia,856915,0.htm)

  32. You are very very amazing Amy! You're showing life! All we need life! Never give up of your pictures! Heheh they're so beautiful! Much love to you and your family.

    Big hugs and kisses from Brazil!!


  33. Your work is wonderful! Congratulations!
    I'm enjoy these types of works, because we see the world as reported! Congratulations!

    I saw your blog on the internet, of msn page and I was delighted with the photos.

    I'm from Brazil and I also have a blog..


  34. BOOOOOORING. How about taking a picture of someone taking a picture; have you ever thought of taking that risk? That would be true art. Or, take a picture of one those mirrors that make you look like there are a million of you. I guess you just dont want to be in Nat Geo. Actually, you rock, but someone needs to bring you back down to earth...

  35. I would love to hear you if you could come to Brazil. And would tell to all my friends cause i know they'll like it too.
    Please, come if you feel like! :)

  36. Beautiful project!
    I loved!
    I'll be watchin/following from this day on.
    Have a great journey of life.
    We're all connected in our hearts.

  37. I saw all the pictures. I loved. It's so beautiful. Congratulations !! :]

  38. Beautiful, wonderful ... Even though the 1000 days end up, be sure to post pictures ever, because that is your soul!
    As I write poems to interpret my soul, you take pictures to show how your soul is.
    A hug from Brazil to you!

  39. your pictures are excelent !!
    if you wish to come to brazil already have a friend =)
    congratulations for your family and your work


  40. HI, Amy.
    I admire you, you´re very strong and you have a new friend here in Perú.



  41. Amy, I'm a photographer here in Brazil and I'm realy impressed with your work....if you need any help here in Brazil I'm ready to do it!!!
    Please never stop taking pictures....you are really translating your mind and soul in images!! lovely!! big kiss Pat Corvo

  42. Fernanda GuimarãesApril 3, 2012 at 6:52 PM

    Hi Amy,

    I loved your pictures!!!! It's wonderful!!! I work with assistive technologies for persons with disabilities in Brazil.


    Fernanda Guimarães- ferjorgui@hotmail.com

  43. Amy, when you come to Brazil, you can stay at my house and you will be very welcome!

  44. Come to Brazilllll! =D
    As you see in your comments, we are by far the nicest people in the world! lol
    If you need any help even or a bed to sleep, would be my pleasure to help!

  45. as you can see, Brazil loves you and your pics. you've done an amazing work.

    best regards from Brazil

  46. Hey there :) I've read about you somewhere in the internet, don't even know where any more. I got really interested about your work once I love doing photography as well.
    You have such a great work, I passed hours just checking every single photo you took.
    You are more than invited to come to Brazil, I would be more than happy to help you to find a cheap hotel in town and to do a city tour, going to pretty places and everything ... (:
    Hope to hear from you soon,
    My best wishes, Laura Pinheiro

  47. The world is an open canvas waiting for your artist's eye! And will be better for it... Ari

  48. Congrats Amy, i'm following you in facebook. I read about you in BBC in spanish, is so great to know about your job in photography. When you & your family wish are welcome to visit my beautiful Island in Venezuela: Margarita Island.

    Successes and blessings
    XOXO =)

  49. Caroline Lima PereiraApril 7, 2012 at 12:07 PM

    Dear Amy,
    My name is Caroline and I live in Brazil, more specifically in the Amazon state (in the heart of the Rain Forest)...I heard about you through the site : http://oglobo.globo.com/blogs/fotoglobo/...and I am glad to know your project and I have to tell you: Your "point of view" is amazing! Congratulations and "keep walking"!!!
    Kind and warm regards from Brazil...
    Caroline Lima Pereira

  50. I'm Júlio, and I'm from Brazil, I read about you and the your life's history touched me deeply. Congratulations for your beautiful job, you are an example of superation. Your photos are amazing, and just simple, which makes them more beautiful, I really love it. Goodbye, and hugs very strong.
    Júlio Valim and Joaquim Valim (Julio's Brother).
    We love your photos.

  51. Uau! I'm glad to know about you! To know about your work! You have amazing photos!!!!
    I'm from Brazil, São Paulo, and if you need some information or something from here, I can help you!!

    Beautiful work! Beautiful!

  52. Jéssica MartinelliApril 10, 2012 at 6:02 AM

    Amy, what a text! I Loved it!
    I'm brazilian and just crazy about your pictures. Hope you never stop photographing because every day one of your photos make my day better!
    Wish someday I can see an exposition of your work here in Rio de Janeiro!

    With love, Jéssica.

  53. Oh my god, you're so sweet. My brother in law sent me an email talking about your work. I love photography, so I came to your site right away. I'm in love! Your work is amazing, sometimes I wish I had your photographic eyes :) Keep on working and come to soon to Brazil! I can see you now have a lot of fans here haha

    Love, Carla.

  54. Hey, how are you?

    I'm writing from Brazil to let you know that I read about your work in a newspaper here and, being the photograph maniac that I am, immediatly came to check out what it was about. I have to tell you that the images are touching, not only because of your life story, but mainly because of how you look at things and portray them.
    It would be a pleasure having you here to speak about your work, how it developed from when you started and how this 1000 day experience changed things for you.

    Thank you for sharing your talent with the world!

  55. Hi!! My name is Erica and I am brazilian. Your work is great!! Congratulations!! God bless you!!

  56. Hello Amy,

    I've just met your project because of a article by the BBC Mundo. It's a pity I met your huge project just today. :( This what are you doing is an unbelievable project. I would really love to follow from the first second. Anyway, I am following you from now on through web-feed.

    I was born in Argentina and you can bet there are lots of landscapes for you to take with your camera and your imagination.

    Hope someday you could visit Argentina. It'd be amazing to rediscover my country through your pictures.

    Congratulations on your job. Will you publish these one thousand photos as a book anytime soon?

    Best wishes.

  57. Hi. Perhaps u didn't want to know México, well here it is, lol. Great work. I love it!!! It's so original, it's so natural, it's SO HUMAN. I wouldn't have money to pay for ur classes, but of course if I could I'd pay.

    Roux :)

  58. Great Work!!
    Congratulations from Portugal :):)


  59. Oh my Darling, your work is beautiful!
    Come on to Know Brazil, my country is wonderful.
    Carpe diem.

  60. Dear Amy,
    I am photographer too, and I am so moved by your work.
    I am from Brazil and it will be so nice have you in my country.
    Hope soon.
    Love and happyness.

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  62. Heyyy you are very welcome to Brazil! We love your work!

    1. I'm actually making an school project about photographers, and I chose you :)