March 28, 2012

Day 925


  1. Its design made ​​my day, gave me more strength to continue. You know, I photograph and
    is beautiful to see people take this art and poetry.

    Congratulations, I'll be watching.
    Camila Fontenele

  2. I loved the final touch that heart was in the child's foot. :)

    Do not mind my English is terrible. I am Brazilian

  3. Hi Amy,

    My name is Jessica and I´m a journalist. I work for BBC Brasil, a part of the BBC World Service. I´ve seen your series of photos and was fascinated by the work, as well as my editors.
    I couldn't find your contacts here. Can you give me your email or phone number then we can get in touch?
    You can send to my email

    thank you!

  4. Hey there!
    My name is Bianca , I'm from Brazil. :)
    Just seen your blog on Hypeness, and it's fantastic!
    i have a blog too, also 1 photo per day, during a year. Sometimes I'm just bored and don't want to take pictures, some lack of inspiration. But your work is so motivational! Yous photos are just amazing and lovely and so inspired!
    You can be sure that I'm coming here every day from now!

    (sorry for bad english :B)

  5. Your pictures are amazing!
    What camera do you use?

  6. Hi!
    My name is Talita and i'm from Brazil.
    I'm so happy to know this blog. I like photography and your pictures are amazing!

  7. I see a brand of 'heart' in her foot? this is so beautiful. I loved, kisses.
    JĂșlio Valim.