September 8, 2010


  1. Amy, this is your wise old aunt, wanting to tell you 3 things: 1) your messages are as moving as your photos 2) Really, you don't know why your purpose for sight?!! (see Days 1-360) I too am an artist and wondering about growth as if it is fairy dust that slips through my fingers, but Zen philosophy says it best. "Before enlightenment, chop wood; carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood; carry water." and finally my last pearl of wisdom, 3) Always, always, eat more snow crab.

  2. Hey Amy. I know once upon a time in the land of Mason we were friends. I absolutely love your blog, your pictures and you messages! My Great Aunt runs an Orphanage in China, there is a little 12yr old girl Yu Bing, in 2 yrs she will no longer be available for adoption. She is albino and suffers from poor eye sight. ever since I have known you I have thought you were so uniquely beautiful with a great personality to match. I was wondering if you ever get a chance (*cause I know you have 2 children and are SUPER busy*) if you could take a picture of you and your siblings, and maybe a little story about yourselves, that I could send to her? I think and hope that it will help her feel good about herself.

  3. Amy,it's Ralitsa and I just wanted to say that I had other plans for my quiet evening while the kids are asleep but I read ur message,wandered off a bit and suddenly found myself completely lost and enamoured of your world ....of photos and contemplation.
    The fear inside will take u forward, I can see u will use it wisely. But just be urself and the rest will follow.
    Last but not least - you truly have been raised differently.You are blessed with very special parents. The girl at the airport wasn't. That's what makes me feel bad for her, not her poor sight at all.
    Keep going the same way, you have much wisdon to pass on.