December 12, 2009

you have to build up your core . . .

I knew this day was coming, and back around day 63 or so I was ready to start typing, but now that it’s here, again I don’t have much to say . . .

I will never forget this time when one of my high school friends and I were driving to a music store and we were complaining about how we both went blank as soon as we stepped foot into the store. Regardless of how long and hard we thought about what we wanted to purchase, the mere freedom and vast choices lured us away from premeditated lists and decisions. That’s how I feel every time I allow myself to “speak” on this blog.

My mother, (hi mom!) thinks I should start promoting my work in order to bring albino awareness. Me being a shy person, and 95% of the time forgetting that I am albino, has made this a hard topic for me to think about. She did have a great idea though of raising money in order to send it over to those albino people in Africa who are currently fighting for equal rights (i.e. to not be killed for their body parts). It’s strange to think that people like me are being killed and dismembered somewhere, and I’m not. I’m here in America, eating chocolate cake, and watching Christmas movies . . .

Sometimes I feel real lame, other times content, but most of the time I feel like I was meant to do something, but I am constantly being reminded of my limits, and I’m not strong enough yet to climb those walls.

Maybe this project will help



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